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Southern Steel Installs 17 New Konecranes Overhead Cranes over 12 Months

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article image A Southern Steel Facility

Major Australian steel distributor Southern Steel has extended its long running relationship with Konecranes with the successful installation of 17 new overhead cranes over the past 12 months.  

With over 50 years of experience in the steel industry and close to 100 cranes across its numerous facilities in Australia, Southern Steel was convinced of Konecranes’ capability to lift steel products reliably and efficiently.  

Dr Anthony Sive, Southern Steel’s General Manager Business Development explains that reliability and downtime are major issues for the company, while price is not an overriding factor when it comes to purchasing overhead cranes.  

Dr Sive comments that cranes are hard-working materials handling devices used to move the steel in and out of the facility. Consequently, any downtime results in loss of earnings.    

Southern Steel operates cranes, typically C6/M6 models with high configurations as well as Konecranes’ CXT technology hoists. The cranes are run continuously for two shifts at all the facilities.  

David Rodmell, Southern Steel’s General Manager - Operations Technology says that all hoists feature remote radio controllers since safety is a major issue for the company.  

The radio controls give the operators the chance to stand back and get a very good look at the load being carried so that they are not exposed to potential mishaps.  

At their Milperra plate processing facility in south-west Sydney, Southern Steel employs six new overhead cranes, one 20-ton crane, three 10-ton cranes and two 5-ton semi-portal cranes with Truninger electro-magnets hanging off three of the bigger cranes to facilitate easy lifting and moving of large heavy loads.  

Mr Rodmell explains that the controls of the magnets are incorporated into the remote radio controllers for the cranes.  

All the cranes are designed to handle plate in stock sizes for sending out as stock sheets and also for loading and unloading profiles and putting those cut pieces on the trucks as well.  

Konecranes has also installed two new 10-ton cranes and upgraded and relocated two overhead cranes for the new Southern Sheet and Coil facility in Milperra.  

Konecranes installed five 10-ton cranes with one designed to have plate magnets attached at Southern Steels’ Adelaide subsidiary, Brice Metals.  

Southern Steel has recently acquired the premier plate processing business Ferrocut in Adelaide, also serviced by a number of Konecranes up to 20 tons in capacity and handling plate up to 20m in length.  

Another 10-ton crane with plate handling capabilities and magnets has been installed in Victoria in their Dandenong Surdex operation.  

Three new 10-ton overhead cranes and two refurbished Konecranes from their Kwinana facility are being installed at their Greenfield site in Perth.    

Mr Rodmell says that they have also replaced six hoists on cranes in Brisbane and Milperra, with four more to be replaced soon in Campellfield.  

Dr Sive explained that while Southern Steel did have a couple of minor problems at Milperra, mainly due to the structure being slightly behind schedule, overall he was very satisfied with the installation work carried out by Konecranes, which also included the crane rail installation.  

One of the leading producers of overhead cranes and lifting equipment in the world, Konecranes has incorporated its highly advanced safety, ergonomic and reliability technologies into its high performance CXT series of industrial cranes and wire rope hoists.  

Key features of Konecranes CXT overhead cranes: 

  • Individual hoist capacities up to 80 tonnes
  • Easy and effective load handling and optimum dimensions for maximising hook travel
  • Reduced number of maintenance and wear items on the hoist lowers the cost of ownership for the end user  
  • Excellent hook approaches at both ends of the crane with minimal headroom requirement
  • Can operate closer to the walls and lift the load higher

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