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Konecranes supplies industrial cranes for Bianco

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When industrial supplier Bianco moved to a new greenfields site in South Australia, it chose industrial cranes from Konecranes for the versatile heavy lifting that would be required in the structural steel division of the plant.

“We were coming from a much smaller shop with just one overhead crane, plus the use of high forklifts. So we had to totally rethink our lifting needs,” said general manager operations Nick Monda.

Bianco Structural Steel Supplies makes customised steel structures for a range of projects, from small commercial jobs to large constructions such as commercial warehouses, schools and hospitals.

The structures include columns and beams, welded beams, angle bracing, purlins and girt. The company both supplies and erects these structures.

The new $17 million 19,000m² steel fabrication plant is part of a 16-hectare site being developed by Bianco at Gepps Cross in Adelaide.

Bianco is a household name in South Australia, for as well as being a major commercial supplier, the company is the sponsor of Port Adelaide Football Club and a corporate sponsor of the Adelaide Crows and Adelaide United.

The steel division chose:

  • One 10 tonne CXTS single girder crane with 19.4m span (for dispatch)
  • Nine 5 tonne CXTS single girder cranes with spans ranging from 18.06 metres to 29.1 metres (for fabrication, treatment, paint and store areas)
  • One 6.3 tonne x 2 double girder crane with 27m span (for unloading trucks and loading raw product onto the line)

“We had the comfort of a new site, so could shop around for exactly what we needed. We looked at price, performance and back-up service – the complete package,” Nick Monda said.

“Coming from an operation that used mostly forklifts, we had to combat that way of thinking and develop a new mindset around the concept of cranes.”

“We investigated all the options and decided that Konecranes was the supplier to go with, on the basis of their professionalism, prices and what the equipment could do for us.”

As befitting a highly automated fabrication facility, the Konecranes appliances all have DynADrive inverter drive controllers.

These apply the same principles used in the fly-by-wire technology of modern aircraft by using computers to optimise control of the crane and even automate its operation.

The double girder crane, which has Truninger lifting magnets fitted, also boasts Konecranes’ patented DynAPilot anti-sway system that virtually eliminates load sway or swing.

“As well as helping the operator land the load in the right place, the sway control is a good safety device that halts the load without it swinging. Uncontrolled, it would be an occupational safety hazard. Someone could walk into the path of the swaying steel and get hit,” Nick Monda said.

Konecranes Australian training manager Brad Leckie says the control obtained is so good that operators were challenged (under controlled safety testing) to get the crane hook to swing.

“So far, they have been unsuccessful. Given the skill levels of the people at Bianco, this is a great compliment to the technology,” he said.

Training on the new cranes was straightforward, says Nick Monda –“Konecranes came on-site for a couple of days. Our operators were all from the old factory, but they quickly learned how to use the cranes. They even adapted smoothly to the lifting magnets on the double girder crane."

“The changeover has worked out well for us. We are impressed with the cranes. They are doing the job they were designed to do and the service is pretty good too.”

The President of Konecranes for the South Asia Pacific region, Edward Yakos, says advanced technologies such as Dynapilot will enhance user safety in key markets, where OHS issues are a top priority.

Maximum pendulum lengths of 40 and even 60 metres are possible with DynAPilot. Load sway caused by crane movements is prevented by the system making cranes easier and faster to operate, more reliable and far safer, said Edward Yakos.

Konecranes employs more than 8000 people in 43 countries and has more than 260,0000,000 cranes of all brands under service contracts.

Konecranes South Asia Pacific includes Australia and New Zealand, the countries of Southeast Asia and Indochina and India and Pakistan. Major customers in Australia/NZ include Alcoa, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology organisation, ANSTO; Air New Zealand; Australian Cement; BHP Billiton, Cadia mining Australia; Contact Energy NZ; OneSteel Australia; Patrick (now Toll) Corporation container terminals; Pilkington; Southern Hydro (Australia), Uncle Tobys and Worsley Aluminium.

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