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Konecranes introduces 3D safety surveys of crane systems to identify reliability and maintenance issues

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article image 3D safety surveys of cranes identify reliability and maintenance issues

Konecranes services the construction industry with a range of cranes and other lifting equipment, as well as providing maintenance and service support.

The company has invested much research, development and practical experience to the problem of identifying and analysing structural defects in cranes, leading to the development of its RailQ technology.

RailQ is a Konecranes proprietary inspection tool designed for geometric analysis of cranes and runways.

RailQ consists of highly accurate laser measuring equipment, a methodology developed by Konecranes, and the company’s own proprietary data analysis and reporting software (KC Trail).

The RailQ alignment survey technology was developed to provide safe, fast and accurate analysis.

Coupled with Konecrances-specific software, RailQ’s highly precise survey techniques accurately measure:

  • straightness
  • elevation
  • rail-to-rail elevation; and
  • span of rails.
The result is a precise, reliable runway analysis that provides cost-effective solutions for any rail system and for all makes and models of cranes, and takes a fraction of the time to conduct as compared to traditional rail surveys.

RailQ surveys are conducted by specially trained Crane Reliability Survey inspectors working with an assistant. A three dimensional image of the runway or rail system is supplied to the customer as soon as the survey is complete on a special 3D viewer that allows the geometry to be examined in a dynamic form.

The introduction of RailQ and complementary RopeQ diagnostics follow the launch in Australasia of Konecrane’s comprehensive Crane Reliability Survey (CRS) audit service to help industries to determine whether their overhead lifting equipment achieves optimum reliability, performance and mandatory safety standards.

The service - being introduced to Australia and New Zealand as part of a global performance and safety initiative - tracks the condition, reliability, service life and operating safety of a crane and its components.

The CRS can be particularly valuable in ensuring compliance with mandatory 10-year mechanical and 25-year structural inspections in accordance with Australian Standards (AS2550.3).

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