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Konecranes expands its Asia-Pacific reach with Workstation Cranes XM

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The crane manufacturing and maintenance services company, Konecranes is extending the Asia-Pacific reach of its global technology into light crane systems, including its Workstation Cranes XM.

Konecranes is known in the region for making advanced EOT cranes up to 1000 tonne capacity, as well as having more than 260,000 cranes of all makes under maintenance contracts worldwide, and introducing computerised and automated anti-sway control systems such as its DynAPilot technology for larger cranes.

Konecranes is also now releasing its lighter lifting technologies, including the XM Workstation crane system for loads up to 2000kg, which is purpose-built for use over manufacturing cells or for expansion into an integrated, factory-wide material handling system.

Elements of the XM system include the following:

XMM monorail solutions for transportation of up to 2000kg of material between work units:
Its broad range of modular components includes straight profiles, curves, turntables and switches. The modularity of XMM profiles and components makes them easy to install, extend and modify. All XM systems also offer economical and easy installation of flat cable or Koneducter power supply

XMS single girder cranes for loads up to 1600kg:
These also feature modularity and flexibility as well as easy-to-use hand-operated travelling. XMS’ low construction height maximises available space

XMDL double girder cranes with low headroom requirements for loads up to 2000kg:
XMDL systems give large working area coverage and promote savings because of strong XM profiles that permit long suspension distances. Light construction of the system minimises loading on buildings, while easy installation minimises costs. The enclosed XM profile structure gives smooth and ergonomic handling

XMF free-standing crane solutions with smooth and easy movement for loads up to 2000kg:
These offer good working area coverage while being easy to locate and relocate in areas with other cranes working above

Advanced technical features include light movement without shocks, silent running of the trolleys, modularity and pendulum construction, which imposes less stress and loading on the support structure.

They also offer higher strength than most competitive profiles, meaning less suspension, less structure, fewer man hours on-site and lower overall cost.

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