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Konecranes’ SMARTON compact modular crane system cleverly lifts safety, energy efficiency and uptime

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article image SMARTON modular crane system helps to maximises safety while minimising energy consumption and downtime

Konecranes  have introduced to Australia and New Zealand a high performance modular crane system that maximises safety while minimises energy consumption and downtime.

The SMARTON modular crane system can save building and building services costs by fitting into smaller structures. The cranes are designed for optimal reliability and flexibility in challenging and changing environments.

The compact design of the modular crane system enables new industrial halls, for example, to be smaller than before, saving on construction and heating expenses. The compact structure of SMARTON modular crane systems also enables the user to place the load much closer to the wall.

Applications of SMARTON cranes, in capacities initially up to 160 ton and progressively extending to 500, include steel and paper plants, automotive and general manufacturing, energy plants, waste-to-energy, automatic storage systems, workshops and mining and resources facilities.

Mr Warren Ashton Sales and Marketing Manager at Konecranes explained, “SMARTON combines time-tested components with innovative refinements and our in-depth experience of minimising downtime by being the world’s leading crane service organisation, with more than 373,000 cranes under service contracts worldwide. A key driver of the design was modularity, meaning that every customer can select exactly the features they need for their process, both now and in the future.”

Features of the modular crane system include:

  • Space-efficient design, enable the cranes to be housed in smaller, more energy and material-efficient buildings. SMARTON modular crane system’s adjustable working limits technology means heavy loads can be limited to specific areas of the crane. The technology’s nimble flexibility means there is no need to invest in auxiliary hoists. 
  • Energy efficient. The modular crane systems are 98 per cent recyclable and feature innovative regenerative network braking systems that feed energy back into the power grid. 
  • New global standards for safety and efficiency. Features include anti-sway technology, along with shock load prevention. Adjustable working limits are easily set and a smooth stop in the hoisting position and in the usual work cycle ensure the crane won’t collide and damage itself or fragile loads. Pre-set protected areas can be programmed to deny crane access to potentially hazardous area, as selected by the operator. An operator pin code offers an effective and keyless way to stop unauthorised use. 
  • User friendly. SMARTON‘s HIM (Human Interface to machine) shows load location, load tonnage, approaching area limits and target position (when programmed). HIM warns the operator in advance when the crane is approaching its working limits and gives timely warnings of upcoming maintenance requirements. 
  • Designed with optimised maintenance in mind. The maintenance counters on the diagnostics interface inform operators when and what checkups are preventive service work are predicted to be necessary. The maintenance interface is also a trouble-shooting tool for quick problem solving, which tells operators where problems are, minimising downtime.
Konecranes’ global service network ensures that spare parts are always in stock, with a SMARTON trouble-shooting expert online 24/7.

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