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KEGCO’s power lifting partnership with Konecranes provides Asia-Pacific model of infrastructure crane safety and maintenance

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article image A major exterior crane also involved in the Konecranes servicing partnership

Thailand has the second largest economy in South-East Asia after Indonesia and plans to increase total generating capacity from about 30,000 MW in 2009 to more than 50,000MW by 2021. * (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, EGAT)

Of this total, well over a third will continue to be provided by Independent Power Producers (IPPs), private investment vehicles that work with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, EGAT, to provide the infrastructure capital needed to build new infrastructure and ensure that existing assets are operated at peak efficiency and optimum safety.

Konecranes  group has become a long-term partner in this process with the Southern Thai KEGCO subsidiary of The Electricity Generating Public Company, EGCO. This public company owns and develops generation units which cover diversified fuels such as natural gas, coal, diesel oil, hydropower and biomass, in accordance with the government’s policy on fuel diversification to ensure energy sustainability.

The 824 MW Khanom power plant was the first generating station in Asia to achieve IS09002 quality certification and has set out to be a model of safety and efficiency. Adopting ISO 14001 and TIS 18001 OHSAS 18001: 1999 in its operating standards, KEGCO has also been awarded National Safety Awards for eight consecutive years.

“As part of our drive to achieve global standards of excellence in everything we do, we actively seek to focus people to improve everything we do. We want to have a continuous process of reviewing how we did things before, and seeing what can be developed to improve the process,” said Mr Choorit, Khanom Electricity Generating Company Electrical Maintenance Section Manager, who works with Konecranes Thailand Branch Supervisor Sommart Chockseareesuwan.

Konecranes has been involved for more than 10 years in achieving outstanding reliability levels from the 39 cranes at Khanom. Under the direction of Service Branch Manager Jirapong Kocharack, Konecranes Thailand Branch this year signed another three-year preventive maintenance contract for the vital equipment, ranging in size from overhead cranes up to 65 tons, down to rotary and jib cranes, HRSG cranes (heat recovery steam generator), gantry cranes, workshop cranes, electric overhead cranes and chain hoists and chain blocks.

Konecranes uses the customer knowledge and expertise of its Thai team to deliver the global resources of the Konecranes group on a local basis.

“Even with routine work, a global company such as Konecranes can source parts and technology more quickly than the old ways. We have many brands of Japanese and European cranes on-site, in addition to our Konecranes equipment for heavy lifting. They know what parts we need to have on-site, what’s likely to be needed,” said Mr Suebsak. 

A major exterior crane also involved in the Konecranes servicing partnership“And the safety and efficiency benefits are not only in our routine contract – we can rely on Konecranes expertise nationally and internationally when they do load testing and safety testing of the cranes.” 

All inspections are based on Konecranes ServMan crane inspection and service computer programme, with local rules integrated (for the Kor Por 1 Inspection). Crane inspections are performed by qualified and certified inspectors with an inspection report given to the customer within a week of the inspection, including:

  • The working condition of the cranes 
  • The safety condition of the cranes 
  • Any actions needed to improve the safety of the cranes 
  • Any actions needed to improve operator and production hazards 
  • Safety Certificate (Kor Por 1) signed by a 2nd Degree Thai Mechanical Engineer
The inspections are performed four times a year, or once every three months, as required by the Interior Ministry of Thailand for overhead crane inspections involving the Safety Certificate (Kor Por 1).

Konecranes also upgrades existing equipment to new efficiency levels, including Khanom's largest, 65-ton, double girder Konecrane, which is used in the turbine refurbishment programme.

Mr Subesak says KEGCO values safety, reliability and efficiency in all lifting operations, relying on the global knowledge of Konecranes, coupled with local expertise, to offer high standards of preventive maintenance.

Features of CXT cranes include:

  • High performance hoisting motors with 60 per cent ED rating, which combine extra power with superior cooling characteristics. The hoisting motors have the power and flexibility for temporary peak usage situations. Motors feature overload liming devices, disk brakes, and thermal protection. 
  • Inverter control as standard in crane and trolley travels, for easy and effective load control. Smooth starts and stops reduce wear and mechanical stress on structures and minimises the load sway. Improved productivity is achieved because moving and positioning the load is fast, easy and safe. 
  • Fast and accurate load positioning with True Lift as standard, meaning the hook moves horizontally only 5mm during a one-metre lift. 
  • Ergonomic hook design, making rigging of the load safer, while the rope drum to rope diameter ratio is more than double conventional designs. The innovative design of CXT hoists, with a large rope drum diameter, reduces the stress and wear of the lifting rope. 
  • Special features for Khanom including two-step limit switch on the trolley travel (Slow-Stop) and two motors drive with separated gearbox and overspeed mechanical brake.

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