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Crane maintenance of the future arrives to provide a window on safety, efficiency and downtime avoidance

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World-leading crane service organisation, Konecranes says future crane maintenance technologies will enable owners to be pro-active in ensuring cost-effective practices, safety and traceability.

The Konecranes Group, which has more than 420,000 cranes of all makes under service contract worldwide, is currently introducing to Australia its most advanced family of remote service technologies - TRUCONNECT Remote Services for enhanced safety, reliability and efficiency.

Konecranes received NATA accreditation for its programme of crane inspections this year, achieving compliance with NATA Accreditation Requirements including AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 and field-specific criteria. 

Konecranes’ third party inspections also meet the latest Australian Standards including AS 1418.1 and AS 2550.1 (2011), covering the safe use of cranes and maintenance requirements as well as a new section that specifies methods to monitor design duty and introduces the concept of design working period.

Bron Ryzak, Konecranes National Training and Inspections Manager describes the new Standards and technologies as game changers for the crane industry, saying that operators of cranes have never before been required to know so much about the condition, safety and traceability of maintenance of their cranes. 

He adds crane owners and CRP (crane responsible people) can now take advantage of a new array of brilliant technologies that enable them to look inside their cranes in real time and see problems, identify opportunities and correct deficiencies before they arise.

Focussed on real-time monitoring, the new crane maintenance technologies give crane owners a huge advantage in being able to undertake smart planning through informed decisions that prevent downtime and optimise lifespans, while elevating cranes to a higher level of safety and productivity.

Mr Ryzak’s responsibilities encompass Konecranes’ 31 sales and service locations throughout Australia and New Zealand that service thousands of cranes of all types, from simple hoists to huge overhead and gantry models used in steel plants, resource projects, ports and manufacturing and infrastructure projects.

The knowledge gained by Konecranes in monitoring tens of thousands of cranes in real time globally is built into its periodic and ongoing inspection services and its Crane Reliability Survey (CRS), which employ RailQ and RopeQ technologies along with a variety of distinct remote services, ranging from periodic data reporting to periodic diagnostics, technical support and production monitoring.

RailQ and RopeQ focus on crane componentry vital to reliability and safety, including laser alignment verification of the rails or runways, on which overhead cranes must run smoothly and safely, and real time monitoring of the wire ropes vital to the safety and reliability of all lifting equipment.

Konecranes’ TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and Reporting service provides users with a clear view of their crane’s usage through continuous data collection, allowing crane maintenance to be planned according to the crane’s actual usage, for improved safety and higher efficiency. 

Usage data is collected from the crane through a remote connection and compiled into web views and customer reports that are available through a secure online customer portal, which also offers easy access to the crane’s historical data, with important crane-specific key figures collected in real time.

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and Reporting is available for Konecranes’ widely used CXT and its new SMARTON lines of industrial cranes. TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and Reporting with Safety Alerts is available for CXT cranes.

The monitoring technologies being introduced to Australia by the group are also being packaged in services available to operators of cranes of all brands, says Konecranes, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of overhead cranes and hoists. 

Services currently available to owners of cranes of all brands include: Konecranes Routine Inspection; Konecranes Periodic Inspection; Konecranes Periodic Third Party Inspection; Konecranes Major Assessment; and Konecranes Major Inspections.

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