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Kone launches new energy-efficient and innovative Direct Drive for escalators

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Kone Elevators  has launched an innovative and energy-efficient drive system designed for escalators in heavy use.

A global pioneer in developing energy-efficient solutions for People Flow in buildings, Kone Elevators has launched the Kone Direct Drive, which has been widely used in its EcoMod 2 modernisation solution, and is now available on a wider scale for new escalators.

The tested and proven Kone Direct Drive technology is already in use in over 130 references worldwide. The new drive system consumes less electricity compared to standard drives on the market such as helical or worm gear drives. The Kone Direct Drive can typically consume 10-20% less energy than a conventional worm gear drive.

With an energy feedback system, it is possible to recover up to 63% of input power with the Kone Direct Drive, compared to 37% with a helical gear and 29% with a worm gear.

Reino Hyvärinen, Senior Vice President, Escalator Business, Kone explains that the Kone Direct Drive for escalators delivers a drive solution that not only increases the energy efficiency of the drive but can also make the escalator safer and easier to maintain, which in turn provides a safer escalator for passengers in the long run.

Due to its location outside of the step band, the Kone Direct Drive is easily accessible, enabling most maintenance tasks to be performed in the pit without the need to disassemble the steps. In addition to saving time and money, the design also significantly improves safety for escalator users as the maintenance work can be performed more efficiently. The drive’s location outside the step band also eliminates the risk of lubrication oil dripping on the steps and causing safety issues.

The chainless design of Kone Direct Drive where it is connected directly to the main shaft not only reduces maintenance and spare parts costs but also eliminates the risk of a drive chain failure.

Key features of Kone Direct Drive for escalators:

  • Chainless drive design eliminates risk of chain failure and need for oil
  • Proven technology already used in over 130 metro and rail references worldwide
  • Motor is directly connected to the main shaft to increase efficiency
  • Lower input power needed
  • Up to 96% energy efficiency
  • Up to 20% more efficient than a worm gear drive
  • Drive located outside the step band provides easier access for maintenance
  • Fewer spare parts needed due to simple configuration and chainless design

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