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Kone TravelMaster 110 escalators for commerical environments, from Kone Elevators

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article image Kone TravelMaster 110 escalators for commerical environments

Now available from Kone Elevators , the Kone TravelMaster 110 escalator is designed to meet the needs of demanding commercial environments.

Providing easy access between floors, Kone TravelMaster 110 escalators for commercial environments are built to an attractive design to create a pleasant ambience for a building while facilitating a seamless shopping experience. Easy to maintain with minimum downtime, these escalators will provide this shopping experience throughout the life cycle of the building.

Suitable for a range of commercial enviroments, from supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores and shopping centres, to hotels, offices, hospitals and airports, Kone TravelMaster 110 escalators can be customised with a range of visual options to fit the overall design of the complex. Available visual options include:

  • comb colours
  • decking finishes
  • balustrade finishes
  • step demarcations
  • directional traffic lighting
  • under step demarcation lighting
  • LED lighting for the handrail, skirt, comb and soffit
  • MovingMedia steps -  enables messages to be displayed within an enclosed recess in the escalator’s step riser.
Kone TravelMaster 110 escalators for commercial environments are also designed and manufactured to provide a safet ride for users and to conform to all local and international safety codes, including the latest updates from the EN115-1:2008.

All Kone escalators are equipped with 16 standard safety features, with the following additional optional features for enhancing the safety of the escalator:

  • coloured step demarcation
  • halogen-free, fire-resistant wiring
  • built-in sprinkler piping
  • seismic options
  • extensive monitoring options, such as E-Link, can be integrated with building management systems.

While the safety of users is paramount, environmental care is also very important to Kone Elevators, who support green building design in a number of ways.

All of Kone's environmental product declarations provide information about, for example, the CO2 emissions and materials used in their elevators and escalators. They also use energy calculation tools to estimate the energy consumption of customer-specific solutions.

An expert team also perform regular measurements of Kone equipment’s energy consumption, and the company participates in the development of energy measurement standards such as ISO/DIS 25745, Energy Performance of Lifts and Escalators, which define globally agreed criteria for measurement and comparison between different technologies and products.

Four steps are taken to ensure Kone escalators are eco efficient:

  1. lubrication-free step chain saves oil, reduces chain wear, and decreases fire risk
  2. regenerative solutions recover energy created when the escalator is used, saving up 7100KWh/year energy
  3. eco-efficient operation can save up to 50% energy by slowing down or stopping the escalator when it is not in use, or increasing the efficiency of the motor when traffic is low
  4. LED lighting saves 80% energy compared to conventional lighting technologies.

Key features and benefits of Kone TravelMaster 110 escalators for commercial environments, include:

  • LED lighting solutions help to create a pleasant ambience in the building
  • flexibility - rise of up to 9.5m without intermediate support
  • available for full outdoor application
  • eco efficient with stand-by speed, auto start, LED lighting and lubrication-free step chain
  • consistent high product quality means reliable and safe operation and a long service life 
  • production units are ISO 14001 certified and solutions are compliant to all relevant safety codes such as the EN115 and GB.

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