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In 1996, Kone introduced the Kone MonoSpace elevator, the first elevator without a machine room. This patented innovation provides a smooth quiet ride for passengers, gives more design freedom for architects, lowers construction costs, reduces energy consumption, and frees up building space that can now be put to more profitable use.

Freedom in Building Design

Kone MonoSpace requires only a single space – the shaft. The machine room is no longer needed. The elimination of the machine room gives architects and developers greater design freedom and saves construction costs. And elevators can now easily serve the penthouse, without unsightly equipment on the roof.  

Substantial Cost Savings

Kone MonoSpace uses less space, so you can lease more space. It also saves construction time, materials and costs. Our streamlined delivery process and efficient installation method ensure that the project runs smoothly without delay.

Impressive Track Record

To date, over 200,000 KONE MonoSpace elevators have been installed worldwide – transporting millions of people every day. This is the proof of our reliability, with years of dependable operation.

Wide Range Of Applications

Kone MonoSpace offers the widest range of machine-room-less solutions – up to 3.0m/s in speed for passenger applications and up to 5000kg for freight applications.

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