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Kone MonoGoods machine-room-less goods and service elevators

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article image Kone MonoGoods machine-room-less goods elevator

Kone Elevators  presents the KONE MonoGoods goods elevators designed for powerful performance in demanding vertical transportation tasks in commercial buildings.

Suitable for use in supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants and offices, KONE MonoGoods goods and service elevators are fully customisable to suit specific requirements and combine speed, power and premium quality designs.

Based on the machine-room-less KONE MonoSpace platform, KONE MonoGoods goods elevators incorporate the highly reliable and eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine for exceptional power and performance.

Key features of KONE MonoGoods goods elevators:

  • Delivers more hoisting power with less energy, consuming 70% less energy than a hydraulic drive
  • No oil is required, reducing fire risk and environmental impact
  • Does not require machine room for installation
  • Machine-room-less design ensures reduced building construction time and costs, and safer elevator installation
  • Saves up to 30m³ building space that can be used more profitably
  • Provides reliable operation, excellent traffic performance and smooth ride at up to 1.6m/s
  • Smoother ride quality thanks to the motor’s low rotational speeds
  • Low friction, gearless construction of the KONE EcoDisc hoist reduces wear
  • Quiet operation, smooth running and ± 5mm levelling accuracy
  • Available in different car sizes to transport goods and other heavy loads
  • Maximum load capacity of 5000kg can meet virtually every transportation requirement
  • Stainless or powder-painted steel finish for cars protected by buffer rails, and equipped with direct, fluorescent lighting
  • Optional second car operating panel
  • Wide selection of wall, floor and landing door materials to seamlessly integrate with the building’s interior
  • Extra wide centre opening doors retract fully for easy movement of passengers and goods
  • Door area protection includes a light curtain or 3D passenger detection
  • Strong double skin door panels finished in stainless steel, powder painted steel or zinc coated steel

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