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Kone Care for Life analysis for elevator/ escalator lifecycle planning and management

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article image The Kone Care for Life is an essential tool for elevator or escalator lifecycle planning and management

Kone Elevators  offers the unique and innovative Kone Care for Life analysis for elevators and escalators to assist with identifying potential areas of improvement in the equipment.

The Kone Care for Life analysis helps building managers and owners assess the reliability of their elevators and escalators, determine opportunities for reduced energy consumption and avoid unpredictable repair costs.

An essential tool for elevator or escalator lifecycle planning and management, the Kone Care for Life analysis consists of three steps: an assessment of equipment, a report on its condition and a recommendation for improvement.


Conducted on-site by a Kone professional, the assessment includes more than 150 checks of the equipment from the viewpoints of performance, safety, accessibility and aesthetics. The Kone technician reports every check into a system where the data for that particular equipment is stored.

A Lite audit process is also optionally available for escalators, involving the equipment’s survey without having to take it out of service.


The assessment is laid out in a full report, divided into three clearly-defined sections. The executive summary contains the main characteristics of the installation and areas needing intervention, followed by a detailed analysis of the results of the assessment. The final section of the report compares the measured data to the hazardous situation description, as defined by the relevant codes and standards.


If any deficiencies have been identified, Kone will work with the customer on an action plan to bring the equipment up to the required standard with Kone’s Asset Management Planning. Kone will recommend regular maintenance and minor upgrades if the equipment is in good condition. Kone can also recommend a solution ranging from upgrading components to full modernisation or replacement to resolve more serious issues.

Kone Care for Life assessment process

The Kone Care for Life assessment is a report focusing on performance, accessibility, aesthetics and safety.

The performance is assessed by examining the machinery, brakes, controller, drive and electrification. While the hoisting ropes, shaft and doors are checked for the elevators, the step chain, lubrication system and step rollers are analysed for the escalators.

Accessibility for the elevators is analysed against the requirements of ADA, taking into account levelling accuracy, door operation, cab features and signalisation. Newels, signage, balustrades, access cover, comb plates and steps are considered for the escalators.

Aesthetics assessment for elevators involves examining the visual status of the signalisation, doors and car interior while the focus is on the passenger travel space (steps, skirt, balustrade, access cover and comb plate) for escalators. The condition of lighting and cladding is also analysed.

Safety norms are considered with priority levels defined by applicable standards. The factors taken into consideration for escalators and elevators include passenger travel, machinery, worker and building interface.

The focus for elevators is on user risks at the landing and in the car, and worker risks in the machine room and shaft. For escalators, the focus is on user risk, travel space, building interface and workers.

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