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KONE Transys freight elevators from Kone Elevators

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article image KONE Transys freight elevators are based on the KONE EcoDisc driven machine-room-less elevators concept

Kone Elevators  presents an extremely space-efficient range of freight elevators based on the KONE EcoDisc driven machine roomless elevators concept.

KONE Transys freight elevators combine excellent functionality with great aesthetics and offer advantages such as high carrying capacity, machine roomless design, quick installation, low energy use, high performance, smooth ride and tough signalisation fixtures.

Powerful platform

Based on the KONE MonoSpace platform, KONE Transys freight elevators incorporate the highly reliable KONE EcoDisc hoisting invention for exceptional power and performance, moving up to 5000kg in loads.

Exceptionally space-efficient

The machine-room-less concept allows easier positioning of the elevator in the building, leading to reduced building construction time and cost as well as more efficient and safer elevator installation. KONE Transys freight elevators help save up to 30m² extra building space.

No oil and low energy usage

The low friction, gearless construction of the KONE EcoDisc reduces wear and energy consumption. KONE EcoDisc is also more efficient and compact than hydraulic machines. No oil is required, reducing fire risk and environmental pollution.

Reliable, high performance

Reliable operation, excellent traffic performance and smooth rides are some of the benefits of KONE Transys freight elevators. Low rotational speeds of the motor enhance ride quality while the V3F variable frequency drive prevents current peaks and ensures excellent stopping accuracy.

Brand new tough signalisation fixtures

KONE Transys freight elevators feature operating fixtures such as the robust stainless steel car operating panel designed flush with the wall surface to avoid damage during loading and unloading, steel encased landing fixtures as well as backlit landing call buttons for greater visibility.

Attractive aesthetics

KONE Transys freight elevators also come with a wide choice of materials and finishes for key components.

Since all KONE elevators feature consistent aesthetics, it is easy to integrate freight elevators with passenger elevators if desired.

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