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KONE MonoSpace elevators available from Kone Elevators

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article image The KONE MonoSpace elevator

Introduced in 1996, KONE MonoSpace elevators offered practical, affordable and efficient machine-room less elevator concepts. Kone Elevators provide over 200,000 MonoSpace applications.

The KONE MonoSpace machine room-less platform is an environmentally sound elevator concept. Based on the KONE EcoDisc elevator technology, it incorporates Kone Elevators’ commitment to deliver solutions that use less energy and recycle as many products and components as possible.

The elevator consumes approximately half the energy of conventional traction machines and about one third of the energy of hydraulic machines.

No oil is required, removing the risk of soil contamination and fire that threaten hydraulic systems. These elevators are made from 95% recyclable materials.

The KONE MonoSpace elevator offers a combination of cabs, entrances, signalisation and finishes to make a lasting impression.

Signalisation: The KONE KSS 420 series signalisation enhances the elevator’s sleek look. These signalisation systems come as complete sets.

Walls: These have been made using a wide variety of high-quality interior materials. Multiple combinations of wall and ceiling materials are available, allowing one to virtually match any lobby design.

Ceilings: Several ceiling designs are available for KONE MonoSpace elevator cabs.

Floors: Rubber, composite stone or laminate flooring are available in a variety of textures and colours.

The absence of a machine room is not the only factor that speeds up the installation process of KONE MonoSpace elevators. Many other aspects of the MonoSpace contribute to more efficient and safer installation methods.

Shorter construction times are a result of the unique modular design. A smooth and efficient installation process was an integral part of MonoSpace development.

Scaffold-free installation using quality tools means time-savings, safety, flexibility and avoiding cranage in most cases. It also minimises disruption to other trades, as most of the work is performed inside the well.

A Project Supervisor will handle the entire installation process from beginning to end, ensuring on-time completion, within the budget.

The KONE 5 site provides brochure that will educate customers on the requirements related to the equipment installation for various projects.

The features of this elevator include:

Speed (m/s)- 1.0

Mote Size (kW)- 5

Typical current values (Amp)

  • Nominal- 12
  • Starting- 14
Main Fuse (Amp)- 15 @ 480V

Energy Consumption (kWh/yr)- 8,593

Thermal Losses (BTU)- 3,700

Oil requirements (litres)- 0

Control Space noise level (dba)- 50 to 55

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