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Fingerprint door locks from Kon-Sol-Te

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Kon-Sol-Te  offers wide range of high quality fingerprint biometric products. Biometric fingerprint product range from Kon-Sol-Te includes BioDoor, BioDoor-1000 Series, Fingerprint Deadbolt, BioDoor-2000 Series, Digital Deadbolt, BioSwitch, V3000, Access Controller 702, Car Lock MG-01, Video Intercom 701, V225S, BioFlash, BioReader, T-Max Flash Drive, T-Max Mouse, T-Max Finger Reader, BioDrive, BioMouse and BioHDD.

BioDoor from Kon-Sol-Te is ideal for use in management offices, military, government, computer and facility rooms. BioDoor has its use in hospital, laboratories, archiving rooms, ammunition magazine and for any secured and restricted areas for convenience and privacy. BioDoor is free from keys and uses high-tech fingerprint technology eliminating traditional locks.

BioDoor from Kon-Sol-Te are stand alone door lock which can operate with out any computer. BioDoor is incorporated with advanced chip sensor for live-scan which captures 3D-fingerprint minutiae. Fingerprint identification is done with high level of accuracy and speed. BioDoor consists of back-up key model with streamlined, glossy high tech look and elegancy.

BioDoors from Kon-Sol-Te can record 49 fingerprints and operates under semiconductor sensor. BioDoors uses chip sensor for efficient detection of fingerprints with scar, smudge, swelling, cut and too dry or too wet fingers.

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