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The ‘revolutionary’ Magnasphere switch

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article image Small-sized -- all metal.

THE 'Magnasphere' switch from Koloona Industries represents the first significant improvement of magnetic switch and sensor technology since the introduction of the reed switch.

This new technology overcomes some of the inherent weaknesses in reed switches such as fragility, size, and tamper susceptibility, while retaining the beneficial characteristics such as, sealed long life contacts, and external non-contact operation.

The 'Magnasphere' also provides additional capabilities like, ferrous proximity sensing. and tamper sensing. Compared also to Hall effect devices, no power source is required for operation along with no necessity for shielding or RFI/EMI protective filters.

Primarily designed to be used for reliable, non-tamper security applications these units have found many other applications in industry.

The small-sized, all metal rugged construction allows users many options in assembly. Handling, mounting and potting problems are not applicable when compared to reed switches.

Pre-package versions for high security applications giving ease of installation are available. Special packaging to requirements is also offered.


Contact rating: Logic/resistive loads to 20mA@30V dc.

Contact bounce: <10ms.

Max operating frequency: 20Hz.

Operating temperature range: -40°C +150°C.

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