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Switches for hydrogen boost systems from Koloona Industries

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Because the price of fuel has gone up so much car applications/upgrades like the hydrogen boost systems have become popular.

The practical side of this unique application is taking water and utilising electrolysis to separate hydrogen from H2O and adding it to the fuel via the carburettor or fuel injection system.

This application will accomplish two things:

  • Less fuel is used, increasing the mileage.
  • More power from the engine is obtained

Systems being installed are using the PSF109S-3-8 or PSF109S-9-80 from World Magnetics sold through Koloona Industries throughout Australia.

The switches are detecting the vacuum off of the manifold and as long as the engine is running the switch allows for hydrogen to be produced. When the engine is not running the switch turns the hydrogen production off.

Other systems include the use of PFS103 series which monitors the pressure in the whole system. The hydrogen boost system works for any kind of fuel.

For wide spread use within automotive industry, construction machinery or equipment, construction vehicles, diesel-powered generator and diesel engines.

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