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A comprehensive range of over 5600 different component lines in stock, Hi-Q provides high quality Plastic Hardware, Nylon products and Rubber products to a wide variety of industries.

Hi-Q’s objective is to meet customer’s requirements for all Plastic Hardware and mounting solutions from NZ stock.

Many of Hi-Q’s products can be supplied in a number of different product materials; NYLON 6/6 Polyamide, NYLON 6/6 Heat stabalised, NYLON 6/6 Flame retardant, NYLON 6/6 30% Glass reinforced, NYLON 46 Polyamide, ACETAL Copolymer(POM), High Density Polyethylene(HDPE), Polycarbonate(PC) and Polypropylene.

Comprehensive Plastic Components

Hole Plugs, Spacers and Strain Relief Glands

Hard wearing Nylon Parts
Washers, Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Available in a wide array of materials PCB Hardware
Cable Clips and Clamps, PCB Supports, Rivets and panel Clips

Durable Rubber Products
Bumpers and feet, Grommets and LED mounts.

Koloona offers Hi-Q’s range of products for printed circuit boards (PCBs) which aid the support, spacing, locking and guiding of the board within electronic applications. The majority of PCB supports are designed to be installed manually by hand and do not require automated assembly equipment.

Koloona’s ongoing efforts to differentiate themselves through high levels of service and customer satisfaction are a key company focus.

Their professional team endeavours to provide accurate and fast order delivery as well as a wealth of experience that is valuable in solving design problems and continuously inviting new challenges.

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