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article image Labels contain forensically-invisible identification codes

CREO and Acucote are producing security label printing stocks. The self-adhesive label stocks combine Creo Traceless taggants and Acucote label materials. They are aimed at label converters for the manufacture of product labels for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, apparel, and food and beverage industries.

The Creo Traceless marking and sensing system creates unique, forensically-invisible identification codes. These codes can be used for anti-counterfeiting, inventory management, product tracking and tracing, or brand authentication. Only Creo readers can detect the presence of the security taggants.

Creo taggants can be added to paper pulp or woven fibers, printing inks, copier and printer toners, varnishes, sprays, powders, paints, glass, building materials, moulded or extruded plastics, molten metals, fuels, fertilisers and explosives. Creo product security and authentication systems include multiple taggants, electronic sensing and imaging equipment, and database-driven software.

The agreement between Creo and Acucote will allow the production of official product brand authentication label stocks that target product counterfeiting, document authentication and brand security. The strength of the Creo Traceless marking and sensing system is its forensic invisibility. At less than two parts per million, Creo Traceless taggants are optically and forensically invisible in label stocks, unless the brand investigator has a specific Creo reader. Creo manufactures readers for single-taggant or multiple-taggant scenarios. Copying or counterfeiting these product brand authentication labels will be nearly impossible, because fraudulent counterfeiters cannot even find the Creo taggants in the label materials using the most sensitive forensic trace methods.

Creo authentication products include standard, exotic and custom taggants, reading devices, and database tracking of individual items.

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