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Colour server delivers workflow solutions

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CREO Print On-Demand Solutions group has introduced the new Spire CX250 colour server and workflow solution for Xerox Corporation's entry-Docucolor 250 and 40-ppm Docucolor 240 digital colour printer/copier.

The high-performance solution is available in upgradeable configurations to improve ease of operation, optimise workflow and expand the feature set for print environments that range from corporate to graphic arts creative and commercial printing.

The Spire CX250 colour server is available in three configurations - a base, super-fast bustled configuration, a control station upgrade kit and a professional upgrade kit.

The Spire CX250 base, bustled configuration connects directly to the back of the printer and is operated by remote from either Mac or PC.

It is the only scalable solution that can be upgraded to a fully standalone professional configuration. This protects the owner's initial investment when business demands the increased capabilities of the upgrades.

The system is equipped with a 3.0GHZ Pentium 4 processor, 1.3GB of memory and 180GB of disk space, making it, by far, the most robust model in this bustled category.

The Spire CX250 colour server runs the Microsoft XP Professional operating system with an Adobe Postscript level 3.0 RIP and drives outstanding colour and output quality from the Docucolor 240/250 digital colour printer/copier.

It supports variable data printing in all leading file formats, imposition and mixed-media workflow.

The Spire CX250 colour server is designed for customers who run graphical colour-intense applications, yet are sensitive to the increased footprint and costs associated with larger systems.

The Spire CX250 colour server can run fully unattended and has an enhanced set of security features that include secured scanning options.

The Spire CX250 Control Station upgrade kit turns the base model of the Spire CX250 colour server into a standalone station with a monitor, keyboard and DVD-ROM drive. This configuration allows an operator to easily control incoming jobs, manage the print jobs and administer the system. The Control Station upgrade also supports the Creo SafeDisk option for enhanced security.

The Spire CX250 Professional upgrade kit enables the Spire CX250 colour server to serve the high-end, production market that uses professional colour management and runs high print volumes.

The Professional upgrade kit includes a professional densitometry device for highly accurate calibration and advanced color management options.

Higher productivity features include better connectivity and automation to the commercial print environment via JDF, more production workflow tools and enhanced variable data printing functionality.

"Creo is a long-standing partner and we're pleased that they continue to deliver for Xerox and our customers," said vice president, Production Solutions Business Unit, Xerox Production Systems Group, Mike Kucharski.

"The CX250 colour server provides Docucolor 240/250 customers with advanced colour management tools to create high value, high quality applications that directly impact the bottom line."

"The Creo Print On-Demand Solutions group is committed to providing excellent solutions to Xerox and Xerox customers,” general manager, Creo Print On-Demand Solutions group, Ronen Cohen.

“The unique product design of the CX250 colour server was specially developed for the Xerox Docucolor 240/250. Beyond the robust platform and feature set, it enables Xerox to offer an upgradeable solution that protects the customers' investment. The ability to upgrade the basic CX250 with the high-end Pro kit enables higher ROI for the customer."

The Creo Print On-Demand Solutions group is expanding its penetration to new markets with the Spire CX250 colour server.

The Creo Print On-Demand Solutions group offers a choice from a wide range of configurations, starting with a super-fast platform, upgrading to the Control Station, and finally adding unique variable data printing, production, graphic arts and colour capabilities. This enables each customer to select the right product to fulfill their needs.

The Spire CX250 colour server from the Creo Print On-Demand Solutions group joins the family of Spire colour servers that drive a range of Xerox printers from 35 page-per-minute multifunction printers/copiers to the 110 page-per-minute IGEN3 Digital Production Press.

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