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Kockums Bulk Systems to showcase products at BULKEX 2006

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One of the most venerable names in Australian bulk handling is Kockums Bulk Systems (KBS), which over a 40-year history, has developed a very wide range of products, enabling turn-key supply and it plans to display its products at BULKEX 2006.
KBS designs and sub-contracts the manufacture of a wide range of equipment. It supplements local supply with specialised imported equipment from Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, Japan, and Italy.
KBS plan to display one of its robots at BULKEX 2006
Elsewhere on its stand, KBS will demonstrate the Vacu-easylift systemfor vacuum assisted lifting of bags, boxes and drums. The system takes the manual strain out of lifting, and the ‘lift and lower’ is done entirely by finger control. An operator will be able to transfer bags or boxes at five or six a minute from conveyor to pallet.
The latest development in this area is the Vacu-Cobra that enables a ‘grab’ and ‘release’ up to two or three times faster than normal units, for items up to 40 kg mass. From the same Swedish manufacturer, Tawi, comes the Protema range of lift trolleys, now marketed in Australia by KBS. These trolleys will raise products up to 1950 mm high, doing this with a 24 volt battery mounted in the base. There is a myriad of options available for handling a wide range of products.

As agent for the UK-based Clyde, Kockums will be showing a model of its dome valve. These are very heavy duty valves, ideal for handling abrasive powders, which give excellent life to pneumatic conveying systems. The inflatable seal is clear of the product path, and valves are able to be supplied to operate at temperatures up to 4800C. The Clyde valvehas been well proven in Australia, and is typically found at cement plants and in use with flyash handling systems.
Control Automationwill demonstrate the IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) system that will handle a wide range of products, even non-flowing and sticky items. The basis of the design is the large cone valve mounted in the base of the vessel. When this IBC is placed on the discharge base, a pulsing probe raises the cone valve and feeds the product out of the IBC. This may be done with a reasonable degree of accuracy with many products. However, if a very precise feed is required, then a flexible wall feeder is fitted to meter the product into the next process step. In the case of this module, the feeder dumps into a microveyor to feed the product to a hopper. In this case the hopper is the IBC, and it is fitted with a dust collector supplied by Control Automation as part of the system.

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