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Side channel air blowers

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article image Knight side channel blowers.

KNIGHT Pneumatics has a series of side channel blowers suitable for applications where a continuous air flow is required.

With a range of 20L/pm to 138.5L/pm and vacuum up to 8.85in/Hg the blowers are designed to suit most applications.

The blowers are built to withstand the tough conditions of stop/start, or continuous operation.

Models are available in single-phase 240V, and three-phase 440V.

The side channel blowers are used similarly to series 5 pumps, but have a greater capacity and lower pressure. These products are used when a high air flow and low absolute pressure are required.

The intake flow must be dry and clean so, where necessary, appropriate filters must be installed.

The main areas of use include: pneumatic conveying, suction cups, conveyors, water purification or oxygenisation.

Features and benefits:

* Single-phase or three-phase unit available.

* Stop, start or continuous operation.

* High flow rates available.

* 12-month warranty.

* Oil-free air delivery.

* Low power consumption.

* No maintenance required.

* Pulse-free air delivery.

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