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Knight Pneumatics supplies Ansett with compressed air dryers

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ANSETT Australia has been a customer of Knight Pneumatics for several years.

Ansett’s Pressurisation Department repairs and tests pneumatic components for the bleed of air, air conditioning and starting systems in their fleet of Boeing and Airbus aeroplanes using Knight Pneumatics’ products.

It is essential for Knight Pneumatics to sell very clean, oil free and dry air storage and supply systems.

Knight Compressed Air Dryer setup at Ansett

After trying several systems over many years, a Knight Desiccant Drying System and Knight Filtration System were installed at Ansett.

In the past two years of operation the Knight system has performed faultlessly, supplying clean, dry air under the high demands of up to 140 pounds per minute of air flow and pressures up to 130psi.

Ansett said Knight Pneumatics’ assistance in the initial installation of the system was invaluable, as was their back up service and ongoing maintenance of the Desiccant Dryer System.

Ansett stated in a recent testimonial that they would have no reservations in recommending Knight Pneumatics’ products and services.

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