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ITW Vortec cold air guns for spot cooling available now from Knight Pneumatics

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article image ITW Vortec cold air gun for spot cooling applications

ITW Vortec cold air guns, available from Knight Pneumatics , offer optimal spot cooling qualities for machining operations.

Cold air guns use filtered compressed air and vortex tube technology to produce sub zero air for industrial spot cooling. This kind of cold air machining eliminates mist coolants and heat related parts growth, while improving tool life, parts tolerance, and surface finish quality.

ITW Vortec cold air guns are versatile spot cooling devices, used in a variety of industrial processes, as well as fabrication, assembly, and packaging applications. The most popular applications involve cooling during the machining of metals, plastics, wood, rubber, ceramics and other materials.

These spot cooling devices provide effective cooling for most dry machining operations, allowing an increase in feed rates and an extended tool life. With no moving parts to wear out, the internal vortex tube converts factory compressed air into a sub zero air stream at temperatures as low as -34.4°C.

ITW Vortec cold air gun models include the adjustable cold air gun, Vortec's most popular and versatile model; the mini cold air gun, with close positioning on grinding operations; the Thread Guard cold air gun, that keeps sewing needles cool to reduce breakage and thread burning; and the hot air gun, that performs spot pre-heating of parts and processes without the use of electricity.

The key features and benefits of ITW Vortec cold air guns include:

  • elimination of mess, expense and safety concerns of using mist coolants
  • avoids secondary parts cleaning after machining
  • increases dry machining speed up to 36%
  • extends tool life up to 50%
  • low pressure air output helps clear chips and dust.

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