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article image ITW Vortec’s round transvectors.

ITW Vortec, represented in Australia by Knight Pneumatics , provides round transvectors that are ideal for conveying any material that can be moved in an airflow and for removing fumes and scrap.

Since air amplifiers move large volumes of air using only a small amount of compressed air, they are economical to operate.

Round transvectors are used in both ducted and unducted applications. In ducted applications, they are used at flow rates up to 2400 SCFM (67920 SLPM).

Transvectors are excellent for ventilating, air conveying, drying and cooling.

Transvector's wide range of applications include:

* Conveying any material that can be moved in an airflow, including grain, plastic pallets, sawdust, powder, capsules, metal chips, paper and cloth trim, lint, dust, small parts, stamping scrap and lead shot.

* Ventilating and exhausting welding, air blowers, soldering and machine smoke, auto exhaust, plating tank fumes and other gases.

* Cooling moulded parts, castings, etc.

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