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KNIGHT Pneumatics Pty Ltd has introduced it new range of Skid Mount Dryers.

Knight Air Treatment Systems claims to eliminate moisture problems in compressed air system by delivering cooler, cleaner and drier compressed air. The company says the product can solve moisture causing problems with blasting processes, such as when the blasting medium clogs and bridges.

All components are manufactured in Australia and perform under all adverse conditions. Units can also be manufactured to suit any size and weight specifications.

The product works in the following way: wet hot air enters the unit the aftercooler which lowers the compressed air temperature, causing moisture vapor to condense.

As the air enters the vessel, the air expands and the condensed moisture drops out before it travels up through a stainless steel filter mesh which helps to coalesce more of the vapour into droplets by means of mechanical separation.

The air then enters the top half of the vessle which includes the various outlet connections for multiple useage.

Features and Benefits:

*Australian Made - Manufactured to Australian standards and conditions

*Conforms to AS-1210.

*Robust/Compact Construction.

*No outside power source required.

*Vertical air flow design.

*Customized units available.

*Skid mounted and heavy duty lifting lugs for easy transportation.

*Air Motor inc. filter, regulator & lubricator.

*Multiple outlets with isolation valves

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