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Corrosion protection agent and lubricating oils from Kluber Lubrication

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Kluber Lubrication  is specialised in the development and production of unique range of lubricants. Kluber Lubrication offers special lubricants that are ideal for various applications. Kluber Lubrication supplies a wide range of lubricating products for reducing friction which includes greases, bonded coatings, corrosion protection, pastes, lubricating oils, tribo-system materials and waxes.

Kluber Lubrication offers anticorrosion agents for metal that are not of stainless steel type. Corrosion protection agent helps to keep non stainless materials free from rust. Corrosion protection agents especially contain consistent hydrocarbons or liquids with active ingredients. Corrosion protection films are basically coloured or colourless, transparent, oily or dry to touch. Rust preventives and rust removers from Kluber Lubrication includes CONTRAKOR A 100, Klubersynth MZ 4-17, Kluberbio Z 2-5, Kluberplus SK 03-498, Kluberplus SK 06-418 and SYNTHESO W Spray.

Kluber Lubrication provides lubricating oils with good spreading capacity, heat dissipation property and lubricity. Lubricating oils are made up of additives along with base oil. Depending up on the applications Kluber Lubrication produces lubricating oil in right proportion of ingredients. Lubricating oils are used to protect the equipment against friction, corrosion and wear. These preparations are resistant to varying temperature, ideal for applications in food industry and are rapidly biodegradable.

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