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Bonded coating lubricant from Kluber Lubrication

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Kluber Lubrication  provides a wide range of lubricants ideal for many applications. Kluber Lubrication offers lubricants for gear drives and precision-lubrication of wristwatches. Oil, pastes and greases that is resistant to low or high temperature which are available in drums and tubes.

Kluber Lubrication stocks more than 2000 lubricants specially developed to suit any specific requirement. Kluber Lubrication also develops tailor-made lubricant for exact solution. A wide range of products from Kluber Lubrication includes bonded coatings, greases, corrosion protection, pastes, lubricating oils, tribo-system materials, release agents and waxes.

Bonded coatings, from Kluber Lubrication, are basically a lubricant that reduces wear and friction by sticking to the surface of the components and prevents the components against corrosion. Bonded coatings are industrial lacquers which contain solid lubricants, lubricating pigments, solvents, additives, binding agents and fillers. Bonded coatings are highly chemical stable and serves under wide range of temperature like 180 degrees centigrade to 450 degrees centigrade.

Kluber Lubrication offers bonded coatings ideal for general applications in mechanical engineering and for elastomers. Bonded coatings for mechanical engineering includes Klubertop TG 05-371, Klubertop TM 06-111, Klubertop TP 15-810 and UNIMOLY C 220. Bonded coatings for elastomers are Klubertop TP 22-1310 A/B, Klubertop TP 18-810, Klubertop TP 16-812, Klubertop TP 28-1311, Klubertop TP 26-901 and Kluberplus S03-105.

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