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Kleenoil by-pass oil filtration systems offered by Kleenoil Filtration

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Kleenoil Filtration  manufactures and sells Kleenoil by-pass oil filtration systems for impure oil contaminated either with water or dirt. Contaminated oil is the key source of all downtime and faults related to machinery.

Hydraulic fluids are there in every kind of manufacturing equipment and the standard of hygiene is significant in the maintenance of manufacturing equipment. For good maintenance it is required that the oil is analysed, filtered and replaced. In spite of all this, companies still experience downtime during which valves, pumps, cylinders and seals require to be replaced.

Regular filter and oil changes are necessary to protect the hydraulic and engine systems. Kleenoil Filtration System offered by Kleenoil Filtration allows it to expand the time between oil drains over and it reduces the unfavourable effects of damaging particles in the engine.

Kleenoil filter offered by Kleenoil Filtration is a circumvent filter that passes only a minute portion of the full oil flow through an intense filtering media. The flow rate of the oil is about two and half litres per minute. At this pace, it is likely to take away particles down to one micron and completely remove water by which engine wear decreases by a significant extent also prolonging the oil life.

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