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RFID or WiFi-ID asset tracking system available from Kirtech

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An RFID or WiFi-ID system can be used to track patients, doctors, expensive equipment or controlled drugs in hospitals in real time.

Tags can be attached to the ID bracelets of all patients, or just patients requiring special attention (such as patients with Alzheimer's, psychiatric patients, patients with highly communicable diseases, patients under protective custody, or newborn babies).

RFID/WiFi-ID technology can also provide an electronic link for wirelessly communicating patient data. An instant assessment of critical equipment and personnel locations is also possible through RFID/WiFi-ID technology.

The RFID/WiFi-ID technology applications can be combined with access control to allow only authorised personnel to access to critical areas of the hospital.

With WiFi-ID, the capabilities can be of major benefit to a hospital. For example, if a hospital determines that to maximise patient safety in life-threatening situations, they must ensure there are two defibrillators on every floor. With WiFi-ID, if there are less than two, an alert notification is sent to staff and action can be taken long before the staff starts looking for one during an emergency.

With WiFi-ID, a hospital can leverage their existing 802.11 wireless networks by adding Wi-Fi ID. By allowing staff to know the location of the patient, the equipment needed, and the medical personnel required, it is much easier to pull both personnel and equipment together, especially in a rush situation. Recent projects have demonstrated that Wi-Fi ID can even get patients through the hospital system faster. Wi-Fi ID not only improves equipment utilisation and management, it improves their patients' experience.

Functions for RFID systems from Kirtech include:

  • Continuously track all patients’ locations
  • Track the location of doctors and nurses in the hospital
  • Track the location of expensive and critical instruments and equipment (eg. IV pumps, wheelchairs, computers on carts, biomedical equipment)
  • Restrict access to drugs, paediatrics, and other high-threat areas to authorised persons
  • Track stocks and movement of drugs within the hospital
  • Monitor and track unauthorised persons who are loitering around high-threat areas
  • Use the patient's RFID tag to access patient information for review and update through a hand-held computer
  • Facilitate triage processes by restricting access to authorised staff and approved patients during medical emergencies, epidemics, terrorist threats, and other times when demands could threaten the hospital's ability to effectively deliver services

RFID or WiFi-ID system is available from Kirtech.

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