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Ekahau WiFi Positioning Engine (EPE) 4.0 available from Kirtech

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Ekahau, a leading provider of Wi-Fi-based real time location systems (RTLS), has introduced Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) 4.0, a major upgrade of Ekahau’s server software that features faster and more accurate location tracking capabilities than its predecessor.

As the key component of Ekahau’s turn-key RTLS solution, the EPE 4.0 significantly eases the deployment and management of a real-time location solution, while providing the ability to track more than 10,000 objects.

According to Ekahau, since its first positioning engine was introduced in 2002, it has been working with customers on ways to improve the functionality of RTLS and simplify its use.

Ekahau’s extensive research and development efforts, coupled with customer feedback, have resulted in a product set that is unrivaled in its capabilities.

The launch of this next-generation server software seals Ekahau’s position as an innovator with perfect solutions for the RTLS industry.

The EPE 4.0 includes a number of new features that improve the performance of Ekahau’s turn-key RTLS solution.

These features include:

Improved accuracy and scalability: New, patent-pending probabilistic algorithms in the EPE 4.0 deliver a higher percentage of accuracy in locating tracked items or people to within up to one to two meters. The software is capable of tracking more than a total of 10,000 objects and can complete 600 location transactions per second.

Simplified set-up and monitoring: The EPE 4.0 includes a new web-based administrator interface and a new deployment tool, the Ekahau location survey, for pre-survey and site calibration that cuts deployment time of Wi-Fi-based RTLS in half compared to the previous version.

The new EPE also supports the site survey data collected with Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) 2.2, enabling end-to-end process from Wi-Fi planning and surveys to RTLS deployment.

Rapid application development and integration: The EPE 4.0 features a new HTTP-XML application programming interface (API) that speeds application development and integration with third-party systems.

The 4.0 version also enables tighter integration of EPE to support different Wi-Fi vendors’ network architecture, and enhanced support to Wi-Fi based client devices.

Remote tag management: The EPE 4.0 includes integrated tag management tools that enable users to monitor battery level, control LED and buzzers, and reconfigure and update firmware over the air.

The EPE 4.0 available from Kirtech has undergone extensive beta testing with a number of Fortune 1000 companies.

It also is being integrated with the middleware applications available from Ekahau partners, including Sybase iAnywhere.

According to RFID and Mobile Solutions, its strong partner relationship has resulted in tight integration with the EPE 4.0 right from the start.

By combining the EPE 4.0 with Sybase’s RFID anywhere solution, customers are able to easily extend Ekahau’s RTLS capabilities, along with other sensory data, into their applications.

The EPE 4.0 powers the Ekahau RTLS solution.

Ekahau has deployed its RTLS system worldwide in hospitals, manufacturing facilities, mines, museums and on military bases.

The applications of Ekahau RTLS allow these industries to track people and assets in real time, as well as improve efficiency, safety and security.

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