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Cordless mining caplamp from Kinyun Australia

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The world’s first cordless mining caplamp becomes available for Australian mines. TestSafe recently issued IS certificates to Kinyun Australia for its first IEC/ANZ product, KL2.4LM(A).

KL2.4LM(A) integrates highly compact Li-ion rechargeable battery cells and 9 highly efficient white LEDs into a small IP67 case. Weights only 160g; Certified Ex ia I/IIC T4; Main light operating times 12 hours; Adjustable light angle. Kinyun also provides very compact charging banks and various accessories for applications other than caplamp.

The removal of battery pack and electrical cord increases the work efficiency, enhances the safety and achieves extremely easy recharge and negligible maintenance.

Kinyun, a Chinese mining caplamp manufacturer, is the inventor and world leader in cordless IS caplamps. After certificated in MA, SABS and ATEX, they planed to certify their whole product range in IEC/ANZ for Australian market. After milestone KL2.4LM(A) certification, five new models have been submitted to TestSafe for certification.

The KL3LM(A)C uses a reflected high-powered LED as the main source, plus higher battery capacity and improved circuit, so that high beam and long projection can be achieved.

The KL2LM(A)C is a new version of KL2.4LM(A), with ten LEDs and a higher light intensity for well distributed peripheral illumination.

The KL2LM(A)ST is a red colour version of KL2LM(A)C. The Chinese miners clip it on a vehicle as a warning indicator; however, Australian miners have found various other applications. For example, they clip it on the back of the helmet or wear it on the back on the belt, so vehicle drivers can see them more easily.

The KL2LM(B)CD is a lightweight version of the KL3LM(A), weighing 110g. This is a light mining caplamp and will be Australia cheap mining caplamp. Above ground workers will choose it in the transportation, utilities and processing plants. KL2LM(B)CD is also good for weight sensitive applications, such as Longwall miners who have heavy loads on the helmet. This KL2LM(B)CD model also attracted fire fighters in European market because they have more than 2kg load on head and desperately want reduce every gram.

The KL2LM(B)GZ is an 8-hour version of the KL2LM(B)CD for other industries. This will be the flagship product in non-mining market.

After these certifications are completed, Kinyun Australia will certify more other models and eventually will get the whole product range into Australia. Kinyun Australia is also planning to develop some local models for Australian mines only such as tracking cordless caplamps. KL2LM(B)CD is set out to change the face of Australian mining industry forever.

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