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KINGSTON Technology has released a new line of USB flash memory to its digital media product range. Called Data Traveler, the small form factor USB flash memory solution is available in 32MB, 64MB and 128MB capacities.

Kingston's Data Traveler is a portable flash drive that combines the speed of a memory chip with the portability of a compact disk - all in a device the size of a thumb.

Data Traveler's small form factor (7.36cm x 2.38cm) plus plug-and-play technology, makes it the latest digital media solution to combine high storage capacity with portability and fast data transfer rates.

By simply plugging the Kingston Data Traveler into your system's USB port, it will appear as a separate hard drive on the system, thereby enabling easy data transfers.

The USB flash device operates with the latest operating systems supporting USB Interface 1.1 and 2.0 (full speed mode).

Operating systems drivers are not needed for the Data Traveler, except for the Windows 98 versions (for which the drivers are included by Kingston).

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