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NET-Track Tracking systems from Kings Transport

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Kings Transport ’s patented technology NET-Track has been designed to facilitate the management of transport costs of permanent fleet services.

These revolutionary integrated tracking systems feature full GPS tracking, full POD online and reporting of key measurements such as demurrage and average cost per drop. All of these details are easily available via Kings Transport’s website.

NET-Track integrated tracking systems use a number of key technologies to incorporate GPS for vehicle tracking and GPRS for fast efficient job despatch.  These tracking systems are also capable of capturing all activity and reports in real time on the internet and boast the latest hand-held computer devices offering sign-on glass "Proof-of-Delivery" (POD) and barcode scanning.

Thanks to  NET-Track integrated tracking systems customers will have a constant understanding of: :

  • Where fleet vehicles are and what they have delivered
  • When they delivered and Who signed for the delivery with full POD 
  • What is the cost per delivery / item 
  • Total demurrage time and demurrage as a % of total cost. 
  • Demurrage alerts (automatic alerts to a specific email address)

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