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article image Measures down to 1 nano metre.

DATA Physics' new ACE-QUATTRO has now been proven in recent experimental work to be able to measure down to 1 nano metre with the appropriate sensor.

The measurements are made with very sensitive seismic accelerometers but even using mechanical engineering industry standard accelerometers, displacements of 500 nano metres can be measured.

Displacement is measured as an acceleration and integrated to either velocity and displacement automatically in the analyser.

“The new ACE-QUATTRO from Data Physics, represented by Kingdom Pty Ltd , is portable, powerful, precise and provides 40 times faster data and signal transfers as well as providing nano metre displacement measurements,” said MD of Kingdom Pty Ltd, Dick Lovegrove.

ACE-QUATTRO weighs only 475g and measures 160mm long including the BNC connectors, 100mm wide and 25mm thick.

The device provides real time analysis of sound and vibration with a dynamic range in excess of 120 - 130dB due to its true 24 bit analogue to digital conversion and a real time rate of 107kS/s or 205kS/s.

The very high resolution of the analyser enables signal to be resolved down to 3ng at 100Hz providing displacements measurements to 1nm using an appropriate sensor.

Using a standard industry accelerometer with a sensitivity of 1V/g, displacement measurements down to between 0.5μ to 2μm is achievable.

At the high end, QUATTRO provides analysis in two band widths of 40kHz or 97kHz.

The precision of the instrument is such that in many measurements, zoom analysis is no longer required.

QUATTRO provides 3200 spectral lines as standard with an option to go up to 25600 lines or as high as the computer platform can process.

The outstanding feature of QUATTRO is the USB2 interface connection to the host computer, notebook or desktop.

USB2 provides file transfers 40 times faster than USB1 or 1.1. USB2 runs at 480Mb/s compared with 12Mb/s by USB1x.

The high speed communication capability of USB2 enables simultaneous signal analysis over four channels, parallel output over 2 channels, Tachy signals and power supply to the QUATTRO hardware from the computer to proceed without conflict.

QUATTRO provides 40 or so software applications running under Windows including all standard FFT analysis, Roto Dynamics, balancing, structural analysis, sound quality and acoustics analysis.

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