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Seat pad sensor with triaxial accelerometer

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DYTRAN Instruments has released a novel sensor comprising a 100mV/g triaxial accelerometer with a frequency range of 0.5 to 3000Hz.

Available from Kingdom , the pad is built into a moulded rubber cushion to rest on the top of a seat but under the body of a person.

The seat pad has a full scale performance of ±50Gs for ±5V output.

The pad is suitable for environments which have a maximum vibration of 400Gs and a maximum shock of 1500Gs peak.

The 5313A triaxial seat pad has a mass of 454g and a working temperature range of -60F to +185F.

The pad enables directional whole body acceleration/vibration measurements which conform to ISO8041 to be made in real working conditions.

The seat pad is connected to an analyser or recorder via a three core 3m cable providing BNC connectors.

Current is drawn from the analyser or a separate constant current source.

The pad has a diameter of 232mm and a rise of 12.7mm in the centre.

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