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New series power amplifiers available from Kingdom

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Gearing and Watson (UK) has released a new line of power amplifiers which include both switch mode (DSA1and 4) and linear model (PA series) and which replace the previous family of power amplifiers, the SS series.

Gearing & Watson (G&W) is the United Kingdom division of Data Physics which manufactures Underwater acoustic systems and Vibration test equipment and is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Kingdom .

The vibration test systems, include air cooled electro-dynamic shakers with outputs from 9N to 53kN force, switch mode and linear power amplifiers with either current and/or voltage mode; slip tables with hydrostatic bearings or oil film slip surfaces; head expanders; modal shakers; inertial shakers; hydraulic actuators and charge amplifiers.

The Gearing & Watson range of digital switching amplifiers comprises various models with superior levels of performance the DSA1, DSA4, DSA5 and the top of the line the DSA6/6k providing 1000VA up to 6 KVA output.

These amplifiers provide high levels of efficiency at better than 90%. The amplifiers occupy little space and are suitable for driving shakers from all manufacturers as well as other laboratory and field applications such as the cabin vibration hammers on helicopters or in marine sonar work.

Electro Magnetic Conductivity (EMC) has been a major factor in the design of the digital switching amplifiers providing the requirements of BS/EN50082-2 and BS/EN 50081-2 to comply with EU Directive EC/89/336/EEC/EMC for electromagnetic compatibility.

The DSA4 series features low distortion, typically less than 0.3% thd, a wide bandwidth of 3Hz to 5kHz and a signal to noise ratio of better than -70dB.

Each power amplifier system comprises a Control Unit, a number of 4kVA power modules, a power supply, a shaker dc field supply and a shaker degaussing coil supply.

The Control Unit performs the housekeeping functions, providing user controls and displays to enable switch-on status reporting, management of a heavy duty power supply and the control of up to six power modules

The DSA1 is a 19 inch rack mounting or bench top unit which is based on the larger model DSA4.

The DSA1-1k is a full bridge switching amplifier which includes full shaker protection facilities, configured to provide outputs rated at 1kVA or 2kVA as the DSA1-2k.

The DSA1 series includes all the benefits associated with larger systems by incorporating the power amplifier, the dc field supply and an (optional) degaussing supply all in a compact unit measuring only 266mm high.

For small shaker systems, and other laboratory applications, G&W manufacturer a range of Linear power amplifiers in 6 models:- PA30E, PA100E, PA100EC, PA300E, PA300EC and PA1000EC providing for 30 VA to 1000 VA output.

These high quality amplifiers include many special features, such as operation in constant voltage or constant voltage and current mode, an integral bounce free variable frequency oscillator and bench top configurations.

All linear amplifiers are built to high standards and comply with all European Union Directives, including those for EMC

Dick Lovegrove, Managing Director of Kingdom said “all amplifiers feature safety interlocks and protection against over current and over temperature. Operating bandwidths up to 100kHz are available”.

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