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High sensitivity sound and vibration analyser

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article image Screenshot from Mobylyzer-II analyser.

A NEW highly sensitive dynamic signal analyser for Fast Fourier Transformation analysis and applications in vibration and acoustic analysis is available from Kingdom .

Known as Mobilyzer-II the analyser (pn DP730) incorporates a new architecture and application of the Sigma Delta analogue to digital conversion technique to achieve a dynamic range, typically better than 120dB for either a 40kHz or 80kHz band width across 8 to 32 channels, depending on the configuration, and with a spectral resolution of from 3200 to 25600 lines.

The physical design of the analyser includes a processor case which is a cabin case size (221H, 110W, 404L mm) and which houses five modules each approximately 22mm wide.

Four of the modules are DSP processing modules while the fifth module is a Pentium computer module complete with hard disk. Each of the DSP modules provides eight input channels (BNC connectors), two wave form output channels (one BNC & one SMB) and two tachometer input channels (SMB).

The SMB (small mini bayonet) connectors are a novel though not new introduction to the vibration and acoustic industry. Fitted with a carrying handle, the unit is a portable 8 to 32 channel instrument and can be daisy chained in almost unlimited numbers providing, in practical terms, an unlimited expansion of the channel count.

Mobilyzer-II includes a switching power supply which provides either 240V ac or 240V ac with either 12, 24, 48, or 110V dc power. The on board Pentium computer is configured with its own hard disk to facility fast disk access for throughput and replay analysis.

The DSP processor case connects to a normal notebook or desktop computer which runs the application software under all current variations of Microsoft Windows operating system, via 10/100 Ethernet cable through the onboard Pentium computer.

The input channels, which all operate simultaneously can be coupled for either ac differential, dc differential, ac single ended, dc single ended or ICP input and can be set to measure 0 to 40kHz or 80kHz. When used with a band width of 80kHz each DSP module is limited to four channels making a maximum of 16 channels per DSP processor case.

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