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article image Linked ABACUS units showing 1000baseT inter-link.

DATA Physics, represented by Kingdom , has released ABACUS - the first DSPcentric signal analysis engine. ABACUS provides precise real time measurements and the ability to create over a thousand channel systems for both noise and vibration analysis.

Finally, a single platform that runs all applications through a simple user interface.

Dick Lovegrove at Kingdom Pty says the new analysers are based on 24-bit processors and will have a very wide appeal for all sorts of sound and vibration analysis in the usual run of work.

“But the new instruments capture the lime light when there is a need to extract sounds or vibrations with very tiny variations or fluctuations or between two noise sources which are widely different in magnitude. “The very low noise floor of between 120dB and 150dB down make it possible to detect and measure very faint sound or vibration signals which might otherwise be lost in the normally noisy background.

"In a noisy environment Mobilyzer-II and ABACUS will be able to record and/or measure simultaneously, two noise sources separated by more than 120dB, for example perhaps the noise of a jet aircraft overhead and the tick of a wrist watch will be simultaneously measured."

ABACUS builds on the new 32-channel Mobilyzer-II announced in January and provides the same exceedingly low noise floor at a very conservative 120dB down and other specs of that analyser.

However, ABACUS can be configured nominally up to 1024 channels or more, with separate DSP units inter linked by 100/1000 Ethernet communication and synchronisation.

Under some circumstances in the low frequency range, it is possible to configure Mobilyzer-II and ABACUS with a noise floor (Dynamic Range) of better than 150dB down.

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