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A major dairy company recently embarked upon a mission of change. Their aim was to find a better way of transferring incoming products from wooden to plastic pallets. The answer was supplied by King Materials Handling .

Prior to installing a King Pallet Inverter, all goods used to be manually transferred to plastic pallets, using spring loaded pallet stands and vacuum lifters prior to installing a King Pallet Inverter. Now, the pallet inverter removes all manual handling, speeds the process up, and allows staff to conentrate on other tasks.

When the company looked around, they contacted suppliers and manufacturers, then sent a team out to view pallet inverters in the field, whilst asking dozens of questions of existing users and of industry representatives.

Armed with answers and impressions, they then formed a committee to discuss the pros and cons of pallet inverters currently in use. The one overriding feature they preferred, was to have a non hydraulic system, fearing hydraulic fluid could contaminate their food manufacturing operation.

King Pallet Inverters do not use hydraulics in any way. They are purely electro-mechanical in operation. Therefore they cannot spill oil, and do not require hydraulic service inspections, pumps, control systems, or any parts or hoses to be replaced.

The company also requested a mesh cage to prevent staff from entering the rotating area, and category 3 light curtains to shut the system down if entry to the area was accessed. Installation, commissioning and staff training, was done in just one day.

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