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High Lift Pallet Trucks from King Materials Handling

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King Materials Handling  introduces the HI-EX Series of high lift pallet trucks in Australia to their materials handling equipment line.  

According to Managing Director Ron Mileham, the sales of the high lift pallet trucks have increased significantly since the introduction of the HI-EX Series.  

He adds that the new pallet trucks represent great value for money since they come with features previously available only in deluxe models.  

The HI-EX Series of high lift pallet trucks features a pump with the handle pivoted at the pump housing.  

Comparative models have a pivot point attached to the cylinder housing, which is prone to fracturing and leaking due to strain at these points.  

All HI-EX high lift pallet trucks feature a single, large diameter hydraulic cylinder eliminating problems that usually occur in double and even triple telescoping cylinders, which are prone to bending and leaking at the seal points.  

The battery-powered pallet trucks feature a moulded plastic comfort handle, push button up/down functions and separate on/off switch.  

HI-EX Series high lift pallet trucks offer the flexibility of manual or battery lift modes, which can be very handy if the unit has not been recharged.    

Key applications of high lift pallet trucks

  • Used by facilities to feed product into machinery at bench level
  • Used by printers for paper feeding into presses
  • Used by furniture manufacturers to pump up the load and slide a single sheet into a moulder or edger
  • Used by operators to load pallets without having to bend by simply pumping up the pallet to the right height  

A key safety feature on all high lift pallet trucks is that the rear outriggers come to rest on the floor, when the height of the truck exceeds 300mm. The truck cannot be moved unless taken down below that point.  

High lift pallet trucks are suitable for any cage, crate, stillage or pallet without bottom cross boards.

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