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The cooler option for mining PPE

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Heat stress is a serious issue on site.

With Australian mining sites often reach above 45 degrees Celsius heavy, suffocating work clothes don't make a difficult job any easier. 
Heat rash, muscle cramps, dehydration, nausea, and heat stroke are just some of the problems caused by heat stress. 

This is exacerbated by clothes that are heavy and lack ventilation, which in turn traps heat and acts as insulation, raising the body temperature even more.  

Dr. Joseph Kosterich states that "heat stress is something that we don't often hear about but needs to be taken seriously, especially by tradesmen. 

"As a tradie's job is physical it is especially important that they wear cool and supportive clothing when on site." 

Responding to this problem, KingGee has developed a range of new work clothes designed to provide miners with a more comfortable shirt - the Work Cool 2. According to the company, these latest shirts have "next generation fabric which provides greater air permeability" as well as "venting in the underarm and shoulders to increase airflows". 

Its breathability is ISO 11092:1993 compliant.  

Tested by the CSIRO the "shirt features a rip-stop breathable cool fabric¬that increases its tear and abrasion resistance," KingGee's work cool product manager Nicolas Gronier said. 

The shirts also have reinforced stitching for toughness.

This toughness has been rated to durability standards AS/NZS 2919-1987. In regards to sun safety, the shirt also "provides optimum sun protection with its longer sleeve and collar extension that is twice as large as other shirts." 

Work Cool 2 shirts also meet the Australian standard for day and night visibility. The shirt weighs about 145 grams.  

Kosterich added "for the body to cool down it relies on adequate air circulation close to the surface of the skin, so if the workers wear clothing which impedes air flow and limits effective evaporation of sweat then the likelihood of heat stress is increased. 

"A shirt like KingGee's Work Cool 2 with breathable fabric cooling vents and a longer sleeve is a good option for tradesmen."
The company said breathability was tested by the CSIRO, while strength and tear resistance were independently tested by the Qualspec Group.

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