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Line of concrete floor surface preparation machinery from King Concepts

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King Concepts is a leading manufacturer of concrete floor surface preparation machinery and offers customers three decades of experience grinding floors and developing specialised diamond tools.

The Progrind series of floor surfacing machinery and Flowmax dust extraction systems are a unique balance of design and tooling. Patented dual drive technology sets King apart from other planetary grinding machines, and provides users with unmatched control, power, a multifunctional range of applications and the ultimate grinding edge. Applications range from concrete floor preparation and repair, grinding and polishing of concrete floors and also terrazzo and natural stone.

With a line up of some great new products, King continues to demonstrate its commitment to making life easier for the concrete contractor and support the development of successful businesses. One such product introduced with this in mind is the Redi Lock fast, hassle free and economical diamond changing system. A single diamond disc holder is used to affix and exchange all the different diamond segments, eliminating the need for individual disc holders for each set of diamond tools and removing the problematic screw system. The diamond segments simply set into the slots, making it just as simple to remove them.

Development takes place on many fronts; not just on the technical details, but extending as far as floor treatment products and systems. The introduction of Hiperguard Premium, Enhance complements the existing high maintenance Hiperfloor polished concrete system. Hiperguard Premium - Enhance is a premium grade surface impregnator for porous materials penetrating the material and creating a film along the surfaces of the pores and capillaries. This invisible lining creates a surface tension in the material limiting absorption normally created by capillary action.

The result is a concrete, sandstone, terracotta and other un-glazed, porous materials become highly resistant to staining through absorption when exposed to water, oil, fats and dirt. Stains are kept at the surface level making cleaning or repair possible, rather than penetrating deep into the material. Hiperguard Premium - Enhance also comes with an in-built colour enhancer to enrich and beautify the integral colour of the material being sealed.

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