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King Concepts’ releases concrete floor grinding machinery

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There is no other machine on the market comparable to the PROGRIND concrete grinder range, which can deliver the types of advantages offered by King Concepts’ Dual Drive Technology.

What exactly is the difference?

Unlike other planetary grinders, the PROGRIND range with its dual drive technology has been designed to offer operators a variety of options in terms of speed and direction control. The PROGRIND floor grinding machinery is the only planetary machine available, in which its drives are truly independent:

  • Independent Control of satellite/ grinding disc speed,
  • Independent control of planetary head speed
  • Independent control of satellite/grinding disc direction
  • Independent control of planetary head direction

Such independence allows operators to selectively control either speed or direction of either the planetary rotation or of the grinding heads, resulting in unlimited potential speed and direction combinations.

So how does this help?

When conventional planetary machine discs turn clockwise, they create a natural tendency for the discs to drive the planetary head in an anticlockwise direction, this being the path of least resistance. While this counter rotation can sometimes be advantageous for some applications, by forcing the grinding heads in the other directions (i.e. change the planetary rotation to clockwise too), the grinding heads no longer follow the path of least resistance. The benefit of doing this, results in a significantly greater grinding force/friction being created between diamonds and the surface being ground. When one considers that the determining factor of productivity relies heavily on the friction created between the diamonds and the floor surface, the net result of these options combined provide users with greater production rates for both polishing and aggressive floor preparation works.

The speed of the planetary and discs is a further factor contributing to grinding outcomes and is further enhanced by dual drive technology.

What are the benefits of variable planetary and satellite speed?

In a nutshell, there are applications in which, there is a significant advantage in being able to slow down the planetary without sacrificing disc speed. On the same token, there are also applications, whereby, slowing down grinding disc speed without sacrificing planetary speed would prove beneficial. An example of this would be grinding thick carpet adhesive off concrete. In such a scenario, high grinding disc speed combined with low planetary speed in the same direction of rotation results in rapid covering removal.

So what is the difference?

A planetary grinder that can be set to counter-rotate for concrete and stone polishing applications and can be set so both systems rotate in the same direction for aggressive cutting. These features combine to maximize the output, performance, quality and success.

So the question really boils down not to: how will this benefit, but rather how can one do without one. One can find the difference, experiencing dual drive technology.

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