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Personal Locator Beacon (PLB’s) from Kinetic Technology International

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The Personal Locator Beacon (PLB’s) available from Kinetic Technology International includes models such as Mini-Sat 406Mhz PLB (personal locator beacon), Mini-Sat-G 406Mhz PLB (with internal GPS), RB3 mini SAT ALERT Personal EPIRB with STROBE. The Mini-Sat PLB is a global rescue link at the time of flying, boating, bushwalking, skiing or using a 4WD. In a life threatening situation, Kinetic Technology International MINI-SAT acts as a constant companion. Mini-Sat-G PLB (with internal GPS) from Kinetic Technology International makes the PLB highly accurate as well as provides position information to geostationary satellites. The multi-helix GPS aerial design is highly resistant to shielding by nearby objects at the time of tracking with the GEOSAR satellites.

The Aeroguidance Mark 5 and Mark 6 Synthetic Trainers from Kinetic Technology International have been designed to give aviators the edge in instrument skills training. Aeroguidance delivers the ultimate in flight dynamics and aviation realism. The ratiometric controls of Aeroguidance system eliminate non-linearity as well as drift problems that are common in all other computer based simulations. The Aeroguidance Mark 5 is designed especially for solo flight simulations with CASA endorsement for accrual of instrument ground time and instrument approaches.

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