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Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB’s) from Kinetic Technology International

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Kinetic Technology International  designs, manufacture as well as develop electronic products starting from aviation, marine, military as well as specialised consumer markets including a diverse range of radio beacons or EPIRBs for all occasions. Kinetic Technology International also specializes in production of high-technology emergency positioning indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs), rescue beacons and specialised aviation simulation equipment. The Kinetic Technology International range of Liferaft Locator beacons and SAR Datum Buoys, supplied to AMSA and the military, has undergone extensive product testing by the RAAF.

The Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons ( EPIRB’s) are buoyant, compact and portable emergency devices that are specifically designed to transmit a radio distress signal in order to alert emergency authorities of a need for rescue. After activation Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons will continuously transmit a specific radio signal to be detected by satellites. Following the satellite detection, the specific location data and emergency position is then relayed to related authorities in order to begin rescue operations.

Several EPIRB models can be owner registered with a relevant rescue co-ordination authority. An owner registered EPIRB will provide rescue operators with the owner's name as well as emergency contact details along with the type of vehicle or vessel needing rescue. The EPIRB models consists of RB2 Sat-Alert Emergency Beacon, 6 Sat Alert Epirb, PLBs, Mini-Sat 406Mhz PLB (personal locator beacon), Mini-Sat-G 406Mhz PLB (with internal GPS), RB3S mini SAT ALERT PLB with STROBE.

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