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Steel idlers’ rubber alternative

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article image K-Flexi Limberollers.

CONVEYOR systems handling high volumes of chemically corrosive or sticky material can reduce down time by replacing conventional steel shell idler systems with a unique product designed to achieve a greater lifespan in these adverse conditions.

K-Flexi Limberollers use flexible neoprene rubber discs with the continual flexing action of wire rope to prevent material adhering and building up on the discs.

True belt tracking and premature belt wear are realised, with cast iron bearing housings located away from the vulnerable service area.

"From a bulk materials handling point of view, there are many industries losing money from conveyor component corrosion damage," Neil Kinder, managing director of Kinder and Co, said.

“It is not so much the cost of the component, it's the time element of clean up because of mistracked belts, generally caused by seized rollers or premature failure of conveyor belting. This is best illustrated in the fertiliser and salt industries.

"The salt industry requires the transportation of raw salt by movable conveyors. The structures and components are subjected to an intense corrosive environment.

“But, because of the unique design of the roller, the load centres automatically, due to the bottom troughing point being on the same vertical line as the centre of gravity of the load - an important factor in a conveyor with side loading points.

"Similarly, the fertiliser industry suffers with build up of product on conveyor rollers, which will cause belt wander, material spillage and premature belt failure."

K-Flexi Limberollers can be used in any part of a conveyor system to combat these dangers. They are particularly suitable in transfer points and difficult service locations because they are easy to install and remove due to the unique hook at each end of the roller, situated away from the belt edge.

Manufactured to suit conveyors with belt ranges from 400mm-1400mm, the K-Flexi Limberoller can be installed at any angle up to 45° troughing angle. Also the space can be reduced between the drum and first full trough idler - which is not possible with conventional steel idlers.

The roller can accept high impacts loads due to the inherent flexibility and the flexibility of the discs as well as continual flexing action of the wire link rope, which is the key to negating product build-up.

Fast installation and removal is facilitated by unique hooks at each end of the limberoller. By comparison, corrosion can often make conventional rollers difficult to remove. On average, only two top limberollers are used on every 3.2 metres of belting. Kinder 03 9553 4533.

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