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Replacing conveyor wear lining in confined spaces

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article image K-Superline polyurethane lining system was used to replace wear lining on a conveyor in a confined space

The K-Superline polyurethane lining system from Kinder & Co was recently used to replace wear lining on a conveyor in a confined space. The lightweight and tear- and abrasion-resistant K-Superline was found suitable for the application.

One of Kinder & Co’s customers uses an aggregate weigh hopper constructed of sheet steel with vibrators helping to transit the flow of aggregate and sand through the hopper. Steel was typically used in hopper construction due to its robust properties; for this application it needed to withstand the high volumes of highly abrasive materials being handled.

The position of the hopper at the site meant that the aggregate and sand were dropped from several upper levels down into the hopper, causing a high level of abrasion to the internal steel surface, and also resulting in product being lost through the developing cracks and holes. Quick fix solutions using steel patches did not work and the increasing abrasion damage resulted in more frequent plant shutdowns.

The customer sought a better wear resistance solution, especially since the need for maintenance in a confined space with poor accessibility was increasing labour costs.

The customer was already aware of K-Superline, having worked with it on a different site in a different application, and was therefore keen to use it for this aggregate and sand application.

K-Superline polyurethane lining system was installed quickly and easily with the unique bolt-in system eliminating the need for any welding, which was particularly useful when installing the lining in a confined space.

In place for over 18 months, the K-Superline polyurethane lining system has been delivering great performance with the client reporting the complete absence of any sign of wear or tear from the aggregate. Even with the weigh hopper positioned below a system of 8-10 gates that contain different product before dropping into the hopper from a height of 2 – 3 metres, the overall abrasion of the polyurethane lining sheets has been kept to a minimum.

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