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Re-lining gives bulk solids the slip

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BINS, hoppers, chutes, and any other materials handling units, can have their operating efficiency increased with a simple re-lining.

K-Slip, a high quality polyethylene lining material with a low co-efficient of friction, available from Kinder & Co , is attached easily to any metal surface by normal cold rubber bonding to provide uniform and controlled flow rate through process and storage circuits.

It has proved effective in applications in minerals processing, chemical handling, coal handling, pulp and paper, food, manufacturing and the bulk solids handling industries.

Kinder & Co managing director Neil Kinder says rat-holing, bridging, arching and caking have always been a major obstruction to continuous flow rates due the variance of material moisture content causing erratic flow, flooding, or worst still, no flow at all.

Control of fine particle flow - recognised as the major source of flow obstruction - is crucial in crushing and grinding circuits that incorporate complicated chute shapes through which product travels.

K-Slip facilitates a smooth flow of material - even for ultra fine grades of products - and relieves any potential for build up because the method of attachment is adhesion rather than surface fastening, a potential cause of build up its self.

Mineral concentrates, among the worst offenders for build up in processing systems as they can adhere to virtually any surface on any angle, are handled virtually problem free.

K-Slip's straightforward attachment by adhesion eliminates problems caused by conventional low friction linings that often require fasteners in difficult to access points of a chute system.

These fasteners are difficult to install and can be roadblocks that initiate build-up. Round corners and acute angles provide another potential problem as material can bridge on these.

K-Slip is supplied in 1800mm x 900mm sheets, at nominal 2mm thickness.

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