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Polymer roller with sealed bearing

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article image Kinder & Co’s polymer rollers.

A LIGHTWEIGHT polymer conveyor roller with a totally sealed bearing is replacing traditional steel roller bearings on conveyor systems exposed to condensation, acidity and other forms of corrosion.

K-Polymer conveyor rollers from Kinder & Co are durable and capable of handling moderate impact and abrasive applications in applications for materials handling, mining, chemical processing, waterfront and other industries.

Key to the product's longevity is a roller shell and bearing housing made from high density polyethylene, with a sealed-for-life bearing protected from moisture and dust by a triple labyrinth seal.

The bearing housing incorporates moulded grooves that use centrifugal force to displace water and dust from entering the roller.

Being considerably lighter than a conventional steel roller, power requirements at installations are greatly reduced.

Because the configuration of the shell and shaft has been selected to fit into conventional trough or idler return frames, no special frames are required and retrofits into existing trouble spots are simplified.

K-Polymer rollers can be produced in sizes to suit the application. Even after years of service, a roller can be split open for inspection and it would be unusual to find any foreign substance within it.

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